Asian Comfort Food
in Fort Lauderdale

Ichimora is a small restaurant tucked away in Downtown Fort Lauderdale at Riverwalk Center of City Park Center that can quickly become an extended kitchen of your home with a bold taste of our signature Peking Duck, succulent crockpot fish stew, spicy dry pot, homemade soup, Ramen, noodles, and flavorful rice bowls.

Named after Jay Chou’s song Rice Field, Ichimora (Dao Xiang) strives to become your go-to Japanese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and a place that lets you get comfortable with Asian comfort food. As an integral part of Asian culture and cuisine, rice is considered a true gift of nature. At our place, we hope to translate this natural blessing into the delicious and heartwarming bites that won’t only make your tummy happy, but your soul, too.

Even the tiniest seed of rice can start its five-month journey to maturity in order to become a three-feet high harvest-ready grain and turn into a bowl of rice and noodles on the table. This relentless power and energy is the key part of Ichimora’s driving force and the delicious meals we prepare for our customers.

The simplicity of our signature dishes pairs amazingly well with the rich flavors, ideal for a moment of peace you treat yourself with when you crave something pungent, spicy, and savory. Our restaurant holds the satisfaction of customers above all else, which is the vision we wholeheartedly pour into our Asian comfort food menu crafted by skilled hands and top-notch ingredients.

In the uncertain times we live in, it’s our hope to allow the customers to relax and enjoy themselves fully with a comforting and tasty bowl of rice, kushiyaki, pork belly, fish stew, and the famous Peking duck. Even if you don’t have the time to sit down and eat, we’re happy to offer a takeout option to further establish our restaurant that serves delicious Asian comfort food as a people-oriented hotspot.

In the effort to be authentic, innovative, educational, and accommodating, we have created a unique ramen restaurant with an extensive menu to symbolize new beginnings and hopes, as the most important ingredient in everyone’s life. Even if you’ve never tried Japanese food or other traditional Asian dishes before, we’re certain that our passion, dedication, and craftsmanship preparation will make our tasty dishes a staple in your diet.

Ichimora is a place that everyone can view subjectively, turning it into a haven with a special meaning that can become much more than something as simple as a kushiyaki restaurant or ramen place. It is our privilege to run a restaurant that can become a personal lighthouse and a source of warmth and comfort.

Every single item that we offer on the menu is carefully created with a strong dose of love and care. The foundation of Ichimora lies on the strong Asian principles which include great customer service, fresh foods with rich flavors, natural cooking methods, and meals that engage all of your senses.

When you’re thinking to yourself, “What are the best Japanese restaurants near me?”, Ichimora is there to stand out as a refuge and oasis, not just a place to eat. As such, our slogan came to be: Indulge, enjoy and savor!

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