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Just like the lyrics of Jay Chou’s song Rice Field portray an image of a mesmerizing wavy motion of wind blowing over the rice on the paddy field, spreading its fragrance into the air, we at Ichimora strive to create the same caressing and gentle atmosphere perfect for taking some much-needed time for treating the inner self through mindful environment and eating. This is precisely why we sought inspiration from this song in the naming of our restaurant – Ichimora (Dao Xiang). Let the warmth heal and move your heart in its simplest and purest form.

At Ichimora, we hope to provide our respected customers with the opportunity to discover traditional Japanese food and Asian comfort food alike as well as the meaning of peace and calm by warming up both their tummy and heart. In that sense, Ichimora is much more than a ramen noodle restaurant or a Kushiyaki Fort Lauderdale hotspot; we’re a family looking to create a homely atmosphere mixed with the urban vibes to cater to every single need that modern, fast-paced lifestyle might pose onto our customers.

In an effort to soothe your mind and body, we have crafted an extensive Asian comfort food menu that strongly focuses on hot meals and great nutritional value. Simple dishes with authentic bold flavors such as our signature Ramen, rice bowl, and spicy dry pot make for a perfect bite for a busy weekday lunch or dinner. What’s more, the famous Peking Duck, crockpot fish stew, and Kushiyaki can be catered to any occasion.

Our spicy dry pot will melt your taste buds with the fragrant mix of house spices, the Spicy Boneless Fish Crock Pot Stew will allow you to get the full taste of tender fish meat, flavorful broth, and steamed veggies, while the staple Peking Duck is bound to become your favorite as you get to enjoy the balance of crispy skin and juicy meat.

If you have time to despair, it’s better to use that time to eat delicious food and then take a nice nap. After all, there is nothing that a bowl of steaming, warm meal cannot cure.

From soup to appetizers, everything we serve is home-made. We’re proud to use traditional cooking techniques to deliver genuine and authentic dishes and convey the warmth of a home-made meal from our kitchen to your table!

Aside from visiting our Ichimora restaurant in Downtown Fort Lauderdale at Riverwalk Center of City Park Center, you can also check out our menu on the restaurant’s website, call us, and/or place an order online – we offer takeout service as well! Fuel up yourself and discover the hidden power through every bite – no matter what, tomorrow is a new day.

When you’re thinking to yourself, “What are the best Japanese restaurants near me?”,
Ichimora is there to stand out as a refuge and oasis, not just a place to eat.
As such, our slogan came to be: Indulge, enjoy and savor!

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